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10% of all profits go to Unbound, a local non-profit dedicated to ending human trafficking

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Small Batch Family Recipe for Over 30 Years

Our first batch of delicious homemade candied pecans came out of the oven in 1990. What started as a holiday gift giving tradition has turned into a family business.

We’re thrilled to share that tradition with others  as we now bake candied pecans year-round!

Pecan farm

Rio Grande Pecans

We’ve been sourcing our pecans from Rio Grande Pecans since 2019, and Geoff and I recently had the pleasure of visiting the orchards in Quemado and Crystal City, Texas. Joe Urban, farm manager of 37 years, drove us through their 1,600 acres along the Rio Grande and Nueces rivers while educating us on their organic and sustainable farming practices. He also shared a few fun stories. What a treat for us. We have great confidence that Rio Grande Pecans will continue to bring us all healthy and delicious pecans for many years to come.

My name is Rachel V. and I have been a customer of "Pecans by Karen" for over a year now. My family LOVES her pecans. They are the BEST! My husband and I do not like things that are too sweet, and her secret mix is just right, so we keep them in our house at all times in order have a handful for a treat that we don't have to feel guilty about. What sealed the deal though on our business together is the fact that she supports an organization called Unbound Houston, which works to end human trafficking. Unfortunately, human trafficking is a huge problem in Houston and the world, and one that does not get enough attention and needs to stop NOW! Supporting Pecans by Karen is also supporting Unbound and taking a step toward ending human trafficking.
Rachel V.
Pecans by Karen has been a delightful addition to the Friendswood Farmers Market. We pride ourselves on hosting the very best vendors and Karen is no exception. Her cheerful demeanor is just as sweet as her candied pecans. If you're anything like me I guarantee once you've tried them you will be back month after month because they are that good.
Jim F., Friendswood Farmers Market